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Marq Snyder - "Marquis"

Marquis-Flower pose5.jpg

Meet Marq – a music aficionado since the tender age of 5, grooving to his parents' vinyl collection like a seasoned pro. From belting out tunes in elementary school choruses to jamming on the trumpet in the orchestra, his musical journey has been anything but mundane.

In high school, he cranked up the volume by teaching himself guitar and co-founding the local Philly band, 'Noosphere'. As the lead singer and frontman, he rocked stages until 2004, leaving a trail of electrifying performances in his wake.

But Marq's musical mastery doesn't stop there. As a DJ, he's not just spinning tracks – he's crafting epic narratives woven through lyrics, concepts, and beats. Dubbed the "Human Jukebox", his knack for memorizing lyrics and melodies ensures every mix is a sonic rollercoaster, driving crowds wild on the dance floor.

And let's not forget his other superpower – hyping up the crowd like nobody else. With his smooth vocals and infectious energy, Marq doubles as the ultimate MC, turning any event into a non-stop party.

With a musical library spanning decades & genres, while fueled by an unbridled passion for all things melodic, Marq isn't just in it for the fun – he's in it for the love of music. So, get ready to dance your heart out because when Marq's hosting your event, the party never stops!

Matt Regula - "Matt Matiks"

Matt Regula - DJ Matt Matiks

Matt Matiks has had a passion for music since his early years. As a child, he was digging through his fathers diverse record collection, exposing himself to everything from crooner classics to Brazilian Jazz. As he grew, so did his deep desire for multiple musical genres.

Borrowing influences from his older sister, he was exposed to a greater reach of music. He picked up the trumpet during his high school years, and played in a few garage bands. After meeting a fellow DJ, he got the itch to get into it himself.

Being surrounded by various DJs throughout the years, Matt's style has grown from his deep affinity for drum & bass, hip-hop, house, funk and pop, developing him into a true Open Format DJ. The philosophy has always been to move the people. With music always being such an integral part of his life, he enjoys always bringing that love to the dance floor and the crowd he's playing to.


Creating a soundtrack of lasting memories, while having the audience forget about their troubles for a song or two, is what continues to drive him every time he puts on the headphones.

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