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Marq Snyder - "Marquis"

Marquis-Flower pose5.jpg

Marq’s passion for music started early. Since age 5, he was memorizing songs and albums from his parent’s vinyl collection.  In elementary school, he joined chorus and played trumpet in the school orchestra from 3rd-8th grade.  In high school, he taught himself guitar and started a band with some friends named 'Noosphere'. After graduation, he continued as lead singer and frontman of Noosphere until 2004.

When it comes to DJing, his methods are about creating story lines behind the music based on lyrics, concepts, visuals and musical phrasing.  Often called the “Human Jukebox”, his ability to retain lyrics and melodies makes him a natural DJ, capturing the excitement of a song and mixing it onto the dance floor. Incorporating his abilities as a singer/frontman have also made him an ideal MC/hype man for every occasion.

Harnessing a multi-genre musical library, while utilizing his skill, experience and professionalism, Marq is driven by an endless supply of infectious energy and excitement, ultimately fueled by his undying love for all things musical.

Matt Regula - "Matt Matiks"

Matt Regula - DJ Matt Matiks

Matt Matiks has had a passion for music since his early years. As a child, he was digging through his fathers diverse record collection, exposing himself to everything from crooner classics to Brazilian Jazz. As he grew, so did his deep desire for multiple musical genres.

Borrowing influences from his older sister, he was exposed to a greater reach of music. He picked up the trumpet during his high school years, and played in a few garage bands. After meeting a fellow DJ, he got the itch to get into it himself.

Being surrounded by various DJs throughout the years, Matt's style has grown from his deep affinity for drum & bass, hip-hop, house, funk and pop, developing him into a true Open Format DJ. The philosophy has always been to move the people. With music always being such an integral part of his life, he enjoys always bringing that love to the dance floor and the crowd he's playing to.


Creating a soundtrack of lasting memories, while having the audience forget about their troubles for a song or two, is what continues to drive him every time he puts on the headphones.

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